Tongyu Communication Inc. short for “Tongyu”, has been aware of the fact that responsibility for environment is an important part of providing world-class products ,and has established EMS Promotion Committee to supervise this task ?,then each group is the organization for implementation ,take the relevant responsibility for environment protection ,which would take measures to save resources and pollution prevention. This policy applies to company’s all staff and suppliers .

Tongyu’s environment policy is as below:

1. Strictly stick to EICC rules and regulations.

2. Set some measurable environment indicators, discuss the progress of the indicators at annual year’s management review meeting.

3. Newly or expanding project need to declare environment impact report to the local environment protection for approval(short for environment approval).

4. From design to production process, we should use environmental materials which are subject to RoHS2.0, make ensure that responsibly reuse, recycle and handle with inevitable waste. Supervise our suppliers, produce safe and high quality products, encourage to use reuse material and develop environmental package , continually meet the expectation of customer.

5. Recognise and control chemical material and other materials dangerous to the environment ,ensuring they can be handled safely , transportation , save , use , recycle or reuse and disposition.

6.Internal company need to set management specification of product life termination , after the product life termination ,according to local legal of products ,we need to provide paid recycling service to meet demand of customer. recyclable waste is sold to waste acquisition according with classification, for recycling material ,such as tin slag ,the purchasing department negotiates directly with the suppliers for changing new tin line which can put into production.

7.Every year, entrust a third party professional monitoring organization to monitor the release indicators of company's "three wastes" ( gas waste, water waste, noise), It may produce gas pollution ,when facilities and equipment become more, production process and raw materials have some change or become abnormal, it will increase the measuring frequency.

8. Regularly summarize environmental factors of the process (process)and evaluate environmental factors, then formulate management scheme for major environmental factors.

9.Cooperate with the recognized qualification of fire protection system of local fire department to maintain enterprise cooperation, carry out fire control system maintenance work within company, to ensure that the fire control system can perform well, such as automatic alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, ensuring fire prevention.

10. Continuously improve the company’s products safety management system, pass the certification of safety production standardization, and accept the supervision of the local safety production science institute.

11. Pay more attention to and abide by the local government "rain sewage diversion" policy, actively cooperate with the government’s relevant construction.

12.Since 2015 ,we have monitored the various places of energy consumption (water, electricity and paper, gasoline) and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, track and record every month, and carry out the green production project in the way of improving energy efficiency and improving the cost effective way ,aiming to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

This policy of monitoring is in the charge of Tongyu company management team, complaint contact Chen Hongsheng (general manager vice president), contact: 0760-85318111 (ext 8322), administration department, production and supply chain management department such three departments are responsible for leading the execution of the policy, the policy may be changed according to international standards, laws and regulations and make appropriate updates.

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