TONGYU COMMUNICATION INC. abide by the relevant Labor Security Law, International Labor Standards, such as EICC, BSCI, etc., and other applicable Industry standards and international convention, to improve working conditions and employee benefit constantly. ?

Our promise: ?

1. Abide by the Law

The company complies with all applicable national laws regulations, and international labor standards.

2. Business Ethics

The company in all business activities comply with fair competition, the integrity of transactions, refused to corruption and abnormal competition; Respect for intellectual property, protect customer information, encourage employees and do the anonymous report to related abnormal behavior of any interests, and ensure the whistle-blowers identity confidential (not include Law prohibits).

3. Discrimination Prohibit

The Company won’t allow any discrimination due to gender, age, religion, origin, social status, social background, disability, race and ethnic origin, nationality, pregnancy, political affiliation, union membership, marital status, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.

4.Child Labor Prohibit?

The company abides strictly by the ILO, United Nations conventions and national laws. All employees are over 16 years old. Forbid child labor hiring (under 16 years old). For the activities of hiring under age workers, the company will protect in accordance with relevant laws and regulations requirements.

5. No Forced Labor

The company abides with the relevant requirements, prohibit any forced labor or prison Labor.

6. Freedom of Association

Employees can communicate with the administrator through the organization set up by the company.

7.Welfare Treatment

The company abides strictly by the local government’s requirement on minimum salary standards, and pay overtime according to labor law, guaranteed salary of employees meet their normal living, won’t allow any deduction or overdue wages in any form.

8. Working Time

The company complies with labor law on working time with reasonable working hours and time-out to ensure the right of vacation. Overtime should be voluntary by the employees. At least one day off per week.?

9. Environmental and Security?

The company strictly abides by Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct, pass the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company use environmentally friendly materials (in line with the RoHS 2.0 materials) from design to manufacturing process, process the plant waste generated with relevant rule to create a good working environment and social environment.

10. Health & Safety

The company strictly abides by Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct, pass OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system to establish and improve occupational health, health and safety, other related regulations and procedures, and strictly enforced to ensure employee health and safety.

11. Responsible Sourcing of Minerals

The Company expressly signs contract with all suppliers by (do not use conflict minerals purchase letter of commitment), and check all suppliers on conflict minerals surveys to ensure reasonable manufactured products contained tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold will support in finance or interest by directly or indirectly way to the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries / regions serious violations of human rights by armed groups.

12. Sustainable Purchase

In order to comply with standard of behavior and human rights policy, the company will clearly deliver sustainable procurement requirements to suppliers by contract, with the way that to assess the sustainability performance of suppliers through the rating system and on-site audits, promote and support the supplier whose rating did not meet the requirement.

This Code of Social Responsibility and Behavior applies to all staffs and business partners. The company will strictly comply with the above commitments, maintain communication with all employees, and in accordance with national laws and regulations, international labor standards continue to update the system. The company is always ready for examination from government, customers, and other relevant organizations.


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