The 21st century has seen the birth of the information era and thus far mobile communication has been a prominent symbol of this new era. Mobile communication provides consumers with a communication tool that promises round the clock global information access regardless of their location. And it is common knowledge that a modern day society needs to acquire information to develop.

China is currently in the midst of the race to develop the national communication industry. Although China is in the lead when it comes to counting mobile phone subscribers, these figures are disproportional when measured against the yet undeveloped communication network. Based upon the urgent need for communication equipment in the mobile industry, Tongyu was founded to fill the need for base station antennas. As one of the leading antenna manufacturers, Tongyu committed itself to build an internationally recognized brand name for antennas and related products. This commitment, together with the best technicians and engineers, our efficient management style, effective customer and after-sales service, and our high quality products have earned the company national and international recognition.

"A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves; I will set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea, which raves." We are currently striving to enlarge our niche in the export markets while we continually put our concerted efforts into manufacturing the best products and services to back up the growth of global communication industry.


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